Bird Electric Scooters

Everett is welcoming a new bird to the city: the electric scooter variety. 

Partnering with Bird, a micromobility company that focuses on providing and sharing electric scooters, the City  of Everett is looking to make your Everett adventures just a little bit better. 

Questions or having issues? Contacting Bird is easy:

  • Find the community mode icon in the Bird app to file a report
  • General support email:
  • 24/7 support line: 1-866-205-2442
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About Bird Electric Scooters

Bird's electric scooters offer a fun, safe way to explore the beautiful city of Everett. Leave your car at the hotel, grab your helmet and pick up one of the many Bird e-scooters found around town. These e-scooters give you all the convenience of a bike ride without the workout, so that you can save your energy for exploring downtown, the waterfront or one of our many parks. 

Need a little inspiration? Check out our guide to a perfect scooter adventure.

Start your scooter adventure

Follow these simple steps to begin your scooter adventure:

Download the Bird app.

Find the Bird app on the App Store or get it on Google Play.

Sign user agreement and verify your age (18+).

Bird riders must be at least 18 to ride.

Add payment.

Add in your credit or debit card information for payment through the app.

Complete the educational tutorials.

Bird is committed to safe riding practices. Complete the quick educational tutorials before you ride.

Enjoy your ride.

You're all set up and ready to ride now. Find a scooter near you, hop on and enjoy the sights of Everett.

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Staying safe

While electric scooters can be an exciting, new venture you wouldn't want to ruin someone else's fun or miss out on your next adventure. Follow these guidelines for staying safe as you cruise through the city.

Scooter safety

Keep both hands on the bars, ensure both feet are firmly on the footboard and wear a helmet at all times during riding.

If you have someone along with you for your adventure, make sure to have only one rider per Bird scooter.

Road safety

Stick to bike lanes or the road, avoid clogging up pedestrian traffic by staying off the sidewalks.

Bird scooters go no faster than 15mph, start slow and maintain a speed that you feel comfortable with.

Park responsibly by not blocking others paths and try to find a bike rack when possible. 

If something isn't right, use your Bird app to report any problems you are experiencing.

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