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Posted on: August 31, 2020

Local graffiti-inspired art in downtown Everett

Art panels in downtown window

Everett’s art scene has been invigorated by some unmatched displays, with the American Graffiti Exhibit at Schack Art Center, displaying more than 60 large original canvases remade by the groundbreaking artists of street art’s history. Jag Artworks got in on the action as well, hosting the West Coast Graffiti Exhibition with creatives, from the experienced to the up-and-coming, from all over the west coast. Along with Artspace Everett Lofts and the Everett Cultural Arts Commission, these galleries are bringing original spray-paint-style artwork to the walls and windows of downtown businesses.

Jules Anslow artworkCommissioned from among the local talent, these art panels illuminate downtown Everett with some extra color to match the summer flare. More than twenty artists were selected to create the pieces, which include an element of spray-paint. For many of them, it’s their first push into the medium. For others, a chance to show off their skill. You can catch a glimpse of this art in downtown Everett, where it will be displayed in business windows at locations like Toggles Bottle Shop, The Independent Beer Bar, Cafe Wylde, and Schack Art Center.

Jason Grim, owner of Jag Artworks, selected artists for four of the pieces being hosted. Two pieces were created by graffiti artist Hyper, one by Spaz and one by Stalebrew. Jason created Jag Artworks in March 2018 to give Everett local access to high quality street art supplies and have been bolstering a growing community of street artists ever since. The artists participating in this project were given gift-cards to Jag Artworks to support local business and ascertain they’d have the resources to bring their vision to life.

Justin Hillgrove artworkThe world of street art is breaking out into public awareness, as Everett’s art scene celebrates the expressive, rule-defying style of graffiti. With seven artists creating panels for display in Schack Art Center’s galleries, and nine participating artists from the Artspace Loft above Schack, there’s lots of new art grabbing attention in downtown Everett. Some of the artists now embraced by the community were once under the radar, and speak of an exciting history of street artists in contest with status quo. A rare opportunity to meet some of the most renown artists of the movement comes in Schack’s new documentary: American Graffiti: from the Streets to Canvas. Produced by Schack and filmmaker Jordan Dae Parmenter of Jordan Dae Films, this video feature gives a glimpse into the personalities of creators like The Apexer, Neonski, Snake 1, and Everett’s Jason Grim. It’s a quick look at the story behind graffiti, but it speaks a lot about the future of street art.

Sponsored by the Community Foundation of Snohomish County Arts Fund, this project is part of an ongoing city-wide effort to vitalize creatives. Our attention is called to an unfaltering community of artists that can’t help but create, whatever life throws at them.

Special thanks to Schack Art Center for the photos of the art panels used in this article. 

Written by Jared Doolittle, City of Everett intern